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Alternative Healing

Alternative methods of healing have been used for centuries and may compliment most conventional methods of your wellness treatments. Whether your therapy includes the manual manipulation of the soft tissues or the gentle touch of visceral and craniosacral therapies, the use of natural and energetic elements can do wonders. We offer specialized and advanced body therapies specifically geared towards your alternative approach to healing.


Healing is one of the cornerstones of our mission here at First Hand Healing in Tucson, Arizona. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the flexibility and opportunity to heal from a variety of ailments. Come in to our office today to experience healing, first hand.

Pain Management

We specialize in helping our clients manage their acute and chronic pain with a tailored bodywork plan specific to their individual assessment and needs. Therapeutic massage is an excellent way to relieve pain that cannot be sufficiently lessened by treating the underlying disease. Don't let pain control your life, let our experienced and caring professionals help you take control.

Massage Therapy

We want our clients to experience the power of massage therapy, first hand. Therapeutic massage is an excellent way to relieve specific aches and pains, relax and promote wellness. Our experienced, compassionate massage practitioners tailor a massage therapy regimen to fit your specific wellness needs.


Health is something so many of us take for granted until we no longer have it. We want to promote health and wellness within the Tucson community, since we live here, too. There has been a marked shift in recent your from reactive to proactive treatments to achieve health. Our wide variety of services and products encourage everyday health and well-being. Your health is precious to us, too.


Rehabilitation after an accident can seem daunting. Our experienced and caring staff help our clients overcome injuries by implementing a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. If you were involved in an accident, have repetitive strain injuries or were injured playing sports, a rehabilitation program is key to your recovery. Don't let your injury rehabilitation become an unpleasant experience, come discover the healing power of therapeutic massage, first hand.


Our licensed and skilled practitioners know just how to massage your body to promote wellness and health. Your individual wellness is our top priority and we strive to provide the best therapeutic massage available. We offer a wide range of massage therapies ranging from Traditional Thai Massage and Healing Stone Therapy to Orthopedic Massage. Whatever your need, we have the massage therapy solution.


Bodywork is a therapeutic method of promoting health, awareness and wellness by interacting with the human body. Our licensed and experienced practitioners help our clients achieve a better physical state by performing proven bodywork techniques.

The best therapeutic massage you will experience First Hand. This treatment is designed to relieve general to specific aches and pains and promote wellness and relaxation.

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Utilizing muscular therapy techniques to normalize soft tissue impairments, we aim to improve your orthopedic or pathogenic conditions to increase your body awareness through the healing art of therapeutic massage.

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To provide a place for relaxation, vitality, and transformation; a safe and comfortable environment which celebrates and encourages empowerment of stress reduction, pain relief, injury and illness prevention.

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